Methodology Survey – Fall 2019

Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Multiple Subject and Single Subject Pedagogy Information

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing surveyed all Preliminary Multiple and Single Teacher Preparation programs to ascertain which programs accept ad hoc enrollment–for one or two courses rather than a full educator preparation program. This document was prepared to assist individuals, colleges, universities and employers with finding pedagogy courses that an individual could complete to satisfy the §80499 requirements.

Title 5 Regulations require that a teacher complete a pedagogy course in the content area for which the individual is earning an additional authorization through the §80499 process.

A single subject teacher earning a Multiple Subject teaching credential must complete a self-contained or elementary pedagogy. In addition, the completion of both a beginning reader methodology course and passage of the Reading Instruction Competency Assessment is required.

A teacher earning a Single Subject authorization must complete a departmentalized pedagogy course to earn the new content area authorization. The exceptions are within the Sciences—one science pedagogy course applies to any of the science credentials and World Languages—one World Language pedagogy course applies to any language.

Only those institutions that completed the survey AND indicated that they accept ad hoc enrollment are listed in this document. The document also provides specific pedagogy course information such as the delivery format, fees, number, title and contacts for the listed institutions. The information was collected from January 2019 to March 2019 and was reported by the local institution. It is possible that the information will change–please check with the institution.

The Commission plans to collect this information annually and will post an updated list in Spring 2021.