Leadership Philosophy

The Board of Directors (BOD) and President’s Advisory Committee (PAC) is a group of experienced credential individuals who have been nominated and elected by the CCAC membership. Members elected to the BOD are elected for one year terms but may serve for more than one term and AC positions are elected to two year terms. The BOD/AC meets at least four times during the year in Sacramento usually coinciding with CTC meetings. 

Several guiding principles have become a strong focus for CCAC Leadership during the past several years. These principles were embraced by the leadership team because of their strong commitment to CCAC’s mission and the need to continue the organization moving forward into the future. These guiding principles are:


The leadership team is committed to creating an environment of transparency. Every discussion and/or decision is made with the best interest of the organization. All decisions are made public and reflected in the minutes of each meeting. CCAC is not a lobbying agency but a corporation who works closely with its membership as well as the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.


The leadership team is committed to working with all individuals who have been nominated and elected by their peers. Each member of the team is provided opportunities to serve in a variety of capacities that allow professional development. Leadership is cognizant of the importance that all elected members can learn from one another while gathered as a team both on and off the clock.

Intentional Succession Planning

The leadership team continues to focus on encouraging all members to become more involved with their organization with the goal of looking to those who are interested in future leadership. The leadership realizes the importance of that this a to ensure that competent, dedicated leadership is waiting in the wings at all times.